From a Hustle-Based Business to a Freedom-Based Business Using

Human Design

Dr. Naieema

Do You Believe That Hustle Culture Is Necessary For Your Business Success?

You know what I’m talking about…

The posting on social media all day, everyday;

The messaging strangers hoping they’d work with you;

Working long hours even though you haven’t seen your sales increase;

Comparing yourself to other people, thinking that you’re not enough...ugh

Knowing that what you’re doing is not leading you closer to your purpose but not knowing how to get off of the hustle hamster wheel.

I’m here to tell you that overworking and hustle is NOT it!

It doesn’t lead to longevity in business BECAUSE if it did, we wouldn’t keep seeing that more than 50% of small businesses close - and many small businesses owners are working 50+ hours a week.

So, if hustle was what was needed, we’d all be millionaires!

Truth is, the social media hustle is not a requirement in order for you to attract your best clients, to stand out, and to be able to grow a profitable, freedom-based business!

Sis, hustle culture is dead.

What Having A Hustle-Based Business Caused Me

One thing that really signified to me that I had a hustle-based business was I wouldn't eat. I would consistently sit and work, work, work, and work, ignoring the fact that I was hungry. In fact, I ignored the fact that I had to go to the restroom or that I needed to give my partner and our children attention---hello marital issues!

It didn’t lead to more sales or more clients. But the truth is, I felt unsafe being still and not putting in constant effort.

But what happened to me that finally made me realize that I had to change was I got sick. I almost gave myself an ulcer in my stomach. I couldn't eat what I wanted to eat nor lay flat because my stomach would constantly burn!

This lasted for...

8 Weeks

56 days

1,344 Hours

...of my life because I was hustling to grow my business.

What Was The Root Of This For Me?

The reality is I never thought of myself as somebody who had worthiness issues. I thought I truly knew my worth,  BUT my constant need to hustle was based on the fact that I didn’t believe in myself. 

I did not feel worthy of any of the abundance in my life.

So, I worked really hard.

I could sign a client one day, AND the next day, I would have this particular thing of saying to myself ‘You didn’t do enough. Maybe you need to do more.’ 

I felt the need to give more of myself. Reality is, we live in a society where we’re taught as women, especially women of color,  that if we don't work and sacrifice for others, then we are NOT ENOUGH.

So, I put that mindset into my business, sis - AND it almost cost me my relationships, my mind and my body.

I know I’m not the only woman entrepreneur who deals with this.

Some people call it imposter syndrome.



How Human Design Helped Me Create A Freedom-Based Business?

Sis, hear this: You are brought to this earth with a blueprint of how you were meant to succeed in this life.

AND because you have a blueprint, it's unique to you. This is why copy-and-paste strategies are not working. It’s messing up your head and confidence - and stealing your time and confidence and coin.

In my previous blog, I talked about Human Design. And Sis, Human Design can help you to actually scale your business. It is one of the most powerful tools available to us right now. It is very individualistic and allows you to see how energy moves through your body. 

Human Design is literally your roadmap to eliminate hustle and resistance from your life and instead create life and business strategies to align with your energy type so you can attract clients, money, and opportunities in a way that’s actually aligned with WHO YOU ARE.

You came into business because you have and had this drive to do something great. You knew what your message was, you knew what your purpose was. That's why you came into business. That's why you're offering a service. 

But you let someone else's strategies push you into a box that doesn’t feel aligned AT ALL!

The beautiful thing is that in your human design, it actually can show you not only what your message is but how you are meant to show up in order to monetize your gifts to serve your clients.. It's not anybody else's version of who you need to be.

For example, I’m a human design projector. Once I discovered what that meant, I:

  • Rest more and created a 12 hour work week because this actually makes me magnetic.
  • Delegate activities that I do not have the energy to execute but are needed in my business.
  • Stopped trying to run my business like a generator type, knowing I don’t have the energy they have.
  • Created passive ways to earn money and still serve my clients to honor MY energy levels.
  • Became clear on the type of invitations I wanted to call in and took aligned action.

If you want to learn more about how you can use your human design to TRANSFORM YOUR MONEY BLOCKS & UNLOCK CONSISTENT SALES - NO HUSTLE ALLOWED!

Learn more about Freedom by Design. A community of badass women who are unapologetically scaling freedom-based businesses.

 See you inside!

Hi, I'm Dr. Naieema

I'm a 5/2 splenic projector, a mom, a speaker and an Intuitive Business Strategist and Human Design Expert for women online service providers!

After climbing the corporate ladder, I realized that I was not willing to work 40+ hours a week for the rest of my life to prove myself to other unhappy people. Oh and while earning less as a woman of color. So, in December of 2019, I started my coaching business and took in to six figures in one year!

But I was doing the copy and past strategies and treating myself as an employee working 50+ hours a week. I was quickly approaching burnout. So, I learned human design, learned I am a projector and created a six figure business working 12 hours a week!

As a certified human design reader AND intuitive business strategist, I help women service providers, who’ve created jobs for themselves and who are experiencing burnout, use their human design and basic astrology to build wildly profitable businesses.

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