Boundaries You Can’t Afford to Ignore as WOC CEOs

As women entrepreneurs, it can be hard to figure out a routine and find the balance between work and play. But as women, as sisters, as moms, and as friends, we owe it to ourselves and to everyone around us to set clear boundaries between our work and our personal lives. Failure to set boundaries […]

Building Your Business Credit With Ease

As a female business leader, securing access to funding is only one of the regular hardships you are likely to encounter. Like all businesses, women-owned businesses face unique challenges, and in today’s economic environment acquiring capital to operate and grow our businesses can be one of them. Are you a WOC struggling to scale your […]

The Determined FemPreneur Client Panel

Did you know that only 10% of women entrepreneurs every make it to 100k…ever! Launching your business was a goal you set and mastered, so why do you feel drained? You are struggling to scale your business to 6 figures and beyond because you are: Exhausted; Overwhelmed and burnt-out due poor work-life balance; Need to […]

Women Overcoming Barriers To Scale Our Businesses

What are some unique hurdles that you as a woman have to overcome as you scale your business? Some of these hurdles may include, but are not limited to: Tiredness and fatigue due to Menstrual Cycle Wacky Hormones Super Woman Syndrome Fatigue due to physical ailments unique to women Over emphasis on work and productivity […]

Becoming the Face of Your Brand With Mallika Malhotra

As a women entrepreneur, are you struggling with showing up as the face of your brand? Take a coin: One side is who you are, while the other is whom you want to be and how you set yourself up. What can you do to make them both coincide? What is holding you back from […]

From Side Hustler to Celebrity Ghostwriter With Pauleanna Reid

Have you been thinking about starting your own business but are worried about what other people will think? Maybe you:  Dropped out of school; Are afraid to trust your gut; Don’t have enough money saved up; Are overly worried about with other people will think; Have people in your ear demanding that you stay the […]