Slaying Your Anxiety

Did you know that anxiety is among the most common mental health-related condition amongst entrepreneurs? Are you struggling with anxiety while trying to scale your business? Mismanaged anxiety can lead to: Paralyzing levels of uncertainty and doubt. Severely heighted levels of stress which leads to social isolation Loneliness because you believe that you have to hide […]

The Determined FemPreneur Client Panel

Did you know that only 10% of women entrepreneurs every make it to 100k…ever! Launching your business was a goal you set and mastered, so why do you feel drained? You are struggling to scale your business to 6 figures and beyond because you are: Exhausted; Overwhelmed and burnt-out due poor work-life balance; Need to […]

Stress Management for Entrepreneurs: Becoming The CEO of Your Stress

Did you know stress is #1 silent killer of top performing CEOs? It is no secret that executing the role of a CEO is a stressful undertaking. When you throw in a global pandemic, CEO stress reaches unprecedented and uncharted levels! Are you a CEO silently struggling with intense levels of stress? While also feeling: […]

Getting to the Root of Shiny Object Syndrome & Its Impact on Your Business With Chante Franco

Are you struggling shiny object syndrome while also living with post-traumatic stress disorder? You’re energized by new ideas—but, that means you’re constantly starting new projects and never finishing them. This leads to:  Burning through cash You sabotaging your own success Neglecting some of your crucial business activities because you can’t stay focused on what you […]

Scaling with Anxiety Disorder

Are you struggling with anxiety while also trying to scale your business?  You are in a constant state of doomsday prep for your business and spend nearly every waking moment working.  This leads to:  Alienation of your loved ones. Little to no time spent on self-care. Physical manifestations of your worry, such as panic attacks, […]