Is this you?

  • Keep hearing "I can't afford it" on sales calls
  • Getting likes and comments but not making consistent sales
  • Prepping for sales calls, knowing they may or may not show up
  • Using exhausting launch strategies that no longer feel align
  • Keep going up and down on your prices

Woman Smiling in Mexico


Just Imagine You:

  • Having a steady flow of clients ready to invest without the exhaustion

  • Working less than ever before while making an impact and making bank

  • Seeing constant sales in your business without you sacrificing everything

  • Knowing exactly how to use your human design and astrology to call in your dream clients
  • Having all the time in the world to travel, spend time with your family or to do whatever YOU want to do...hello FREEDOM!!!

Our Clients Slay!

"Thank you Dr. Naieema! Since working with you, I’ve found my mojo. I’m getting clearer about speaking to the transformation. Your coaching, convictions, & accountability are so lit🔥. Within weeks, I had reached a money milestone that I'd been unable to reach in the year that I was a coach."

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- Ta'Juanna, Project Manager


Dr. Naieema's Sales Excursion

A One-on-One, weekend experience, in a tropical location, where you get to put everything else aside and focus on building sales strategies using your human design and astrology

You Will:

  • Decode your sales genius using your human design type, channels and personality profile

  • Map the moon cycle to plan your launches and sales cycles 

  • Uncover how to create consistent sales with or without launching AND with or without sales calls

  • Use your defined centers to create content that stops the scroll AND makes you sales

  • Create magnetic messaging to call in high ticket, ready to invest clients using your design strengths, rising sign and mercury sign
  • Discover the key to qualifying your leads prior to the sales conversation so that you hear more yeses during your sales conversation
  • Uncover the secret to overcoming sales objections before the sales conversation


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Walk Away With Sales Strategies That Make You Repeatable Sales, Call In Ready To Invest Clients And Are Energetically Aligned With YOU!

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You Get:

  • Pre-weekend planning session
  • Dinner and comprehensive human design reading Friday evening
  • 5 Hours of pool or beachside coaching where we formulate your aligned sales strategies on Saturday
  • Finalizing your sales plan over breakfast on Sunday morning
  • 4 weeks of Voxer coaching post trip

Total Value Over $15,000


And even more if you factor in knowing and aligning with your purpose, permission to be you, clarity, impact and making bank!



But you only make an investment of:


2 Monthly Payments of $3500 or one payment of $6500 today!


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Our Clients Slay!

"Within weeks, I signed my first high ticket client without me hustling or chasing him. I did this using the Quick Cash Injection strategy. I'm so thankful for Dr. Naieema and her team."

Woman wearing green

- Labrea, Productivity Coach

5/2 Splenic Projector


I'm a mom, a speaker and an Intuitive Business Strategist and Human Design Expert for women service providers!

I love to travel and do so EVERY MONTH and I want to take you with me.

Together, we are going to create sales strategies that feel energetically align, that are repeatable and that call in ready to invest, high ticket clients.


Who is this for?

For women service providers (coaches, consultants, travel agents, OBM's, VA, event planners, content creators, etc.) who are clear on who you help and HOW you help them. You want to use human design and astrology to create consistent sales WITHOUT trading time for money...

You also know that it's time to dedicate some attention exclusively to your business outside of other responsibilities....

..and Sis, You know you need a vacation, LOL

What's included?

Dinner and planning meeting Friday evening

5 Hours of Pool or Beachside Coaching on Saturday

Finalizing your sales plan over breakfast on Sunday morning

4 weeks of voxer coaching post trip

What's not included?

Flight ( allows you to put your flights on a payment plan)


Meals (except Friday night dinner and Sunday morning breakfast)


Any other travel related expenses you may have

How often do you accept clients?

I accept one client a month, except for December. That's only 11 clients a year. So, don't miss out!

What if I need other days besides the weekend?

That is possible and can be discussed after you apply